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10 Reasons to Switch to Itch

Blog Home Jun 29, 2021

A lot of you may know us best for delivering monthly flea treatments through your labra-door. But that’s not all we do!

At Itch, we’re here for the entire life of your pet, and your entire life as a pet parent. Our winning combination of pet health and well-being products and services make keeping your four-legged friend healthy both easier and smarter.

Read on to discover our top 10 reasons to switch to Itch!

Kicking the Shih-Tzu out of fleas

Before we get started, let’s recap with what we’re most famous for – fighting fleas! Did you know it can quite literally take months to sort out a flea infestation in your home? You can definitely save a lot of bother (and scratching) by keeping up use of a monthly treatment on your pet. 

But remember, not all flea treatments are created equal!

Itch Flea has been developed with an effective double-action formula – delivering a double-whammy of protection by not only killing fleas, but also stopping flea eggs and larvae from hatching and developing. Not all flea treatments kill flea eggs and larvae, so depending on which treatment you’re using, they may well be hatching all over the joint without you knowing! (Cue horror movie music). 

The good news:

Unlike many other brands, Itch destroys fleas at every stage of their lifecycle, as well as ticks and lice. Fortunately, it only takes two ticks to join our Itch Pack, so you can keep your pet and home protected.

Here are our top 10 pawsome reasons to make the Switch to Itch…

1) Everything is personalised to your pet

Each Itch pack is fully purrsonalised to meet your pet’s precise needs. When you sign up, we’ll ask a few questions so we can get to know your pet better – things like their age, weight, breed and current flea status. This helps us to create the perfect treatment, tailored just for them! 

Dog with their Itch box


2) We’re letterbox-friendly

No one likes coming home to the ‘We attempted to deliver your parcel’ paper slip of doom. Itch subscription packages are conveniently sized to fit through your letterbox. This way, your pet’s treatment will always be there, exactly when you need it!  

3) Never forget a treatment with the Itch app

Hands up if in the past, you’ve ever forgotten to flea or worm your furry friend bang on schedule. (All hands go up). We know how easily it can slip the mind. That’s why we have a handy app which will give you a nudge when it’s time to do the deed. You can use the app to manage your subscription, and even check in to see when your next box is en-route.

4) Free, 24/7 access to vet advice

Our pets pick their moments, don’t they? Whether it’s your pooch eating something they really shouldn’t have, or your furry friend coming through the cat flap late at night after a yowling bust-up with the local feline bruiser, it’s always a worry when they’re out of sorts. 

As a pet parent, sometimes you just need some advice (and let’s face it, reassurance)! For all Itch subscribers, we’re now offering Itch Video Vet – free, 24/7 unlimited vet advice. No more Googling every symptom and completely freaking out. 

It may even save you some scratches trying to get your furry friend into their cat carrier, as 2 out of 3 cases are solved over video call without the need to go to the vets. Less stress for your four-legged friend, and you’ll probably save on plasters too (cat parents will understand). You may also potentially avoid a costly vet bill. Win win!

5) Discounts on pet insurance

Healthy pets take less trips to the vets, that’s a fact. For all Itch Pack members, we offer up to 17% discount on Itch Insure – our 5 Star defaqto expert-rated pet insurance. It’s super quick and easy to get a quote. No need to fill out lots of pet and personal details – we already know the essentials! It’s also straight-forward to submit a claim (guaranteed zero faff). Oh, and did we mention 98% of claims made are paid*, with 97% of claims being paid within 5 days?**

6) Supercharge your pet’s well-being

We don’t just do parasite protection you know – we also offer pet parents a choice of tempting treats and superb supplements to help keep their pet in tip-top condition. We like to keep it personal – we make recommendations that are based on each pet’s precise needs and lifestyle. Talk about a tail-ored service! 

Itch Pack members can add a well-being boost to their monthly pack in the form of tasty treats, available in a choice of 5 varieties: Itch Dental, Low Fat, Skin & Coat, Calming and Digestion. Give your furry mate all the nourishment they need from the inside out with a choice of supplements to support health and well-being. Choose from: Itch Ear, Dental, Calm or Joint. 

7) Kick-ass customer service

Our Customer Service team are a cracking bunch. Whether you get in touch over the dog and bone, drop us a message on WhatsApp or reach out via social media, we’re pawsitive you’ll be blown away by the helpfulness and immense knowledge of our specially-trained, pest-killing fanatics! They’re here to help between 8am-10pm, 7 days a week.

8) Pet health pro’s

In addition to the knowledge of our pawesome Customer Service team, we have an array of pet health specialists in our pack! From vets to nutritionists and behaviourists, we work closely with these pro’s to deliver information to Itch members that’s current and evidence-based, so you know for sure what we’re saying is the real deal. 

9) Trustpilot – rated ‘Excellent’

Don’t just take our word for it – over 5,000 happy customers have put paw to keyboard and given us an ‘Excellent’ rating! We have a fast-growing pack of 130,000 Itch Pets (and counting), using Itch with the help of their hoomans to stay parasite-free, healthy and happy. 

10) We keep it pawsitive!

As you may have noticed, we’re re-writing the rule book when it comes to conversation around pet health and wellness! We’ve taken the old rule book and pretty much lobbed it out the window. We like to tell it as it is – straight-up and straightforward – with a dusting of good humour too!

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*Based on the data for policies arranged by Pinnacle Insurance Plc (our underwriter) from Sep 2019-Sep 2020.
**Based on data for policies arranged by Pinnacle Insurance Plc (our underwriter) from 1st Jan-30th Sep 2020.