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Five of the best free animal care apps for kids

Blog Home May 7, 2020

Whatever your thoughts on the electronic babysitter, there are certainly educational and entertainment benefits to your children having access to a tablet and apps.

In this blog, we’ve picked five of our favourite apps for kids of all ages that teach them about caring for animals. (Don’t blame us if you are playing them long after your kids have gone to bed!)

Lazoo Zoo

The design of this app is so great! It reminds us of kids TV show ‘Hey Duggie’ with its vivid colours and shapes.

The app follows animals at a zoo, and each one needs feeding and taking care of. Once an animal has been fed, fun surprises follow!


Pet Vet Doctor Dog

For the kids that dream of being a vet, this app will let them work out what’s wrong with dogs and treat them accordingly.

Your child will need to spot things like ticks, broken bones, fleas, cuts and rashes, then use tools to diagnose them such as x-ray machines, gloves and a thermometer.

The free version offers two dog breeds to work with, but beware – in-app purchases will give access to more breeds.


My Talking Tom

Real cats aren’t always the first in line to play with young children, so this app lets kids care for their own kitten electronically!

Watch your kitten grow, take care of him and be responsible for his food, play and toilet habits.


Tiny Sheep

Cats and dogs not really doing it for you? How about a flock of sheep instead?

Tiny Sheep teaches kids how to care for their own flock of sheep, as well as building farm structures and watering grass.

Kids can even compete against their friends to become the owners a prize-winning flock!


Pet Shop Story

Why not mix a bit of retail experience in with the animal care?

Pet Shop Story lets kids create and manage their own pet shop, selling cats, birds, dogs and chickens (amongst other things!).

The aim of the game is to gain more customers, and eventually upgrade your shop.


If you’re new to the parenting game, here’s a few things you should do before giving your child free reign in your app store…

  • Disable all purchases in the settings. These should only be accessible with a password. You may laugh reading about a 6 year old racking up a £500 bill in half an hour, but at the rate those little fingers can tap on the screen, it’s easily done without the right settings in place!
  • Make sure you share the games together with your child too. Even toddlers will pick up the swiping movements needed to navigate games, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they learn and the joy they get from it.

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