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How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

Blog Home Jul 13, 2021

Fleas prefer cats, right? No – they don’t! It’s just that they have more opportunities to meet our feline friends who generally spend time exploring and roaming about outdoors.

The blood-thirsty little blighters find dogs just as tasty and given the chance they’ll gladly hop on-board.

As a concerned pet parent who’d rather not have a family of fleas move in, we understand that you’d like to avoid them at all costs so we’ve compiled this list of the most common ways dogs pick up fleas.

Spoiler alert: Nowhere is 100% safe, so make sure to arm your four-legged friend with Itch Flea treatment to keep them protected from pesky parasites.

So, where and how do dogs pick up fleas? Here are the main culprits:

On walkies

There aren’t too many things more exciting to your dog than a walk in the great outdoors (aside from maybe a really, really big stick).

Dogs love fields, forests, and passing out on the floor of the pub when they’re tuckered out from walking. Unfortunately, fleas love those places too.

Wild animals are more flea-ridden than your average domesticated dog, so when your furry little mate is soaking up the sights and smells of their natural habitat, chances are there will be some fleas lurking around.

At the dog park

Dogs are sociable creatures – you know how it is, they make friends with EVERYONE. When they meet up with their pals in the park, chances are there may be a few fleas raring to get in on the action.

In your garden

Your dog may be the only domesticated animal that frequents your back garden but, once again, the hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, mice and other wild critters who visit now and then have not had the luxury of receiving a flea treatment. 

To help discourage wildlife with flea hitchhikers from getting too cosy in your garden, try not to leave out anything too appealing, like your pet’s food or stinky bin bags full of rubbish.

At doggy daycare or the groomer

Does your dog visit doggy daycare, a groomer or a kennel once in a while? Places that deal with pets day in, day out will know ALL about the unadulterated misery flea infestations can inflict, so they’ll be extra vigilant.

But as you’re beginning to learn, it’s nigh on impossible to completely evade the springy little suckers. It only takes a few of them to get jiggy and quickly turn into thousands of fleas.

From your visitors

Those visitors you’ve welcomed into your home—friends, family, neighbours—may have been harbouring a few unwelcome guests on their clothes or shoes. Rude.

It could be that your guests have pets themselves, work with animals or enjoy a good ramble in the great outdoors. Fleas in every stage of their life cycle are easily transportable. All it takes is a bloodsucking parasite to hop onto their clothing and before you know it, they’ve been carried into your home.

(Gulp) From you

We know this hurts, but there’s a chance you or someone in your household could’ve unknowingly introduced the little devils to your pet. 

They’ll hitchhike their way into your home by jumping onto your boots from walking through fields, or onto your jacket when you’re saying hello to a furry new friend on the street. 

Treatment and prevention

As you can see, fleas are an inevitable risk to our furry friends – whether they roam around outside or not. 

It’s so easy for a flea to jump onto your pet, have a bite and cause havoc to their health and your home. Once they’ve taken up residence in your house or on your pet, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Instead of having to figure out how to get rid of a flea infestation, take a pre-emptive approach by treating your pooch (and any resident felines) with Itch Flea. The spot-on treatment kills adult fleas within 24 hours, halts all other flea life stages in their tracks, and stops any new fleas joining the party. It also slays lice and ticks – result!

If your pet ISN’T treated, then freshly hatched fleas hopping onto your pet can carry on living their best flea lives. Don’t let them.

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