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How Itch Can Help You Keep Your Pet Calm This Bonfire Night

Blog Home Oct 9, 2020

Remember, remember the 5th November…

There’s no nice way to sugarcoat it: Bonfire Night is a scary time for our pets.

It’s the one night of the year that UK pet owners dread the most, and which causes our pets the most grief (closely followed by Halloween and New Year’s Eve).

In fact, the whole week ranging from the 31st – 5th November can be pretty tense and upsetting for our pets. There are strange sights, sounds and smells, and not to mention lots of potential hazards dotted around.  

What’s more, this year Bonfire Night is something of a question mark.

With the lack of organised events taking place, there is a strong chance that many people will organise their own displays in back gardens or on private land.

This could mean that Bonfire Night in 2020 is much closer to home than normal, with much louder noises.

To help pet owners keep their pets calm this Bonfire Night, here are some solutions that we can offer, exclusively for Itch members.

Itch Calm Health Supplement

Itch Calm is a supplement designed to soothe anxiety and reduce stress in cats and dogs

Available as an add-on to our personalised Itch packs, Itch Calm is a soothing remedy for pets who need to chill.

It is a medicinal health supplement, containing specially blended ingredients designed to relieve anxiety, promote feel-good hormones and reduce stress.

Itch Calm has a whole heap of well-being benefits for your pets that will work wonders during stressful events like Bonfire Night, such as:

  • Valerian Root Extract – traditionally used to ease anxiety
  • L-Theanine – an essential amino acid found in tea leaves, used to promote a sense of calm
  • Ashwagandha – a source of withanolides to help reduce stress

Thanks to its sprinkle formula, Itch Calm is easy to administer with food. It can also be used a few weeks in advance to build up a calm and happy home, or a few days in advance to soothe frayed nerves.

Add Itch Calm to your next pack today.


Itch Calming Well-Being Treats

Itch Calming treats come in a handy month’s supply, and are ideal to use for pets with mild anxiety

Our Itch Calming treats are also made with ingredients containing naturally calming properties.

Suitable for cats and dogs, Itch Calming treats come in a handy month’s supply, so you can help your pet relax in good time.

Itch Calming treats contain:

  • Added Probiotics – for better and easier digestion
  • Camomile – believed to help calm upset tummies
  • Lavender – believed to naturally relax pets
  • Vitamins and minerals – for all-round good health

It’s important to note that our well-being treats aren’t as strong as our Itch Calm supplement, so if your pet suffers badly with anxiety or fear around Halloween/Bonfire Night, it’s definitely worth investing in Itch Calm as the stronger option.

Add Itch Calming treats to your pack today.


Itch Flea and Worm

The products mentioned above will certainly help keep your pet calm on Bonfire Night, but it’s important not to forget about your normal flea and worm treatments, either!

The last thing your pet wants is to face a double-whammy of being scared by noises and bitten by fleas. That’s not a recipe for a good night for anyone –  so don’t forget to pop your pet’s monthly Itch Flea treatment on as normal when it comes through the post.