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How to Apply Itch Flea Treatment to Your Dog

Blog Home Sep 11, 2020

Great news! When applied correctly, Itch Flea is 100% effective at killing fleas.

However, the ‘when applied correctly’ bit is quite important.

We know it’s not always that easy, so we’ve put together a quick guide on the best way to apply Itch Flea to your dog.

Here’s how to de-flea like a boss:

Step 1: Opening the pipette

Hold the pipette upright. Then, snap off the tip (don’t struggle – if it won’t open, just snip it with scissors).

Step 2: Hitting the right spot

Part the fur at the back of your dog’s neck, between the shoulders, until you see the skin clearly underneath.

This bit is super important – if you can’t see the skin, the drops will land on your dog’s fur, which can reduce the effectiveness.

Step 3: Give it a squeeze!

Place the tip of the pipette on the exposed skin, and squeeeeeeeze all the Itch Flea liquid out. Every last drop. Your dog might wriggle a bit (but to be fair, you probably would, too).


Step 4: Wash your hands

Your job is done! You can wash your hands of the whole thing (for another month, at least).

High five! You’re well on your way to the flea-free life.

Itch Pet Top Tips:

For maximum flea-butt-kicking-strength, there are some important house rules to remember:

  1. Treat all of your household pets at the same time (ideally in the evening).
  2. Keep ’em dry. Your pet can’t get wet for 48 hours. No baths, no rain showers, no rolling in muddy puddles.
  3. No heavy petting. Don’t pet the area you’ve treated until it’s completely dry.
  4. No licking. Don’t let the pet you’ve treated or other pets in your home lick the treatment area.
  5. Don’t share your bed. Don’t let your pet sleep on your bed with you the night they’ve been treated. Enjoy the extra room, and the fart-free air.