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How to Create the Perfect Pet Den

Blog Home Oct 23, 2020

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a year of challenges – not only for us humans, but also for our fur babies. 

From more time in the house to lots of stress and uncertainty, it’s been far from easy. 

According to animal mental health expert, Dr. Robert Falconer-Taylor, our floofs – especially dogs – could be struggling with anxiety, picked up from us pet parents. 

At Itch, we’re always thinking about how to put the little ones first, so we worked with Dr. Falconer-Taylor to develop a specially designed ‘Calming Cubby’ to help pets feel safe and secure in their homes.

Why should I build a pet den?

As the world continues being cray, it’s important our furry friends have somewhere to retreat and stay calm.

What’s worse, those all too familiar bangs and whizzes of Bonfire Night night are drawing near. Plus, as we countdown to Halloween, now is a great time to create a safe space away from the general hustle and bustle this time of year brings, as well as all the noise.

Giving your pet enough time to associate the den as a safe place to be will also increase the level of comfort the den will offer them during stressful or scary times.

Our animal mental health aficionado, Dr. Falconer-Taylor said:

“Having a den in the home will enhance coping, not only reducing stress but over time increasing confidence outside of the den, as well as in.”

Our free downloadable guide to building your own safe space includes info on the bonding process that takes place between us pet parents and our floofs, meaning they not only associate the den with safety and security, but with us too.


Where shall I build my pet’s den?

Typically, dogs prefer to hide in dark, quiet places away from the household activity, but they may also want to be close to a person for added security.

For cats, the location of the den will be a raised area where the sight and sound of the stimulus are reduced — often the airing cupboard, the top of a wardrobe (particularly if a box covered in thick material or an igloo style bed can be placed there) or under a bed.

Ensuring you’re building the den/cubby in the right place will mean that your pet is not on high alert – so whether there’s fireworks happening outside or someone slams a door inside, rest assured, they will be protected and know that no one will come and disturb them. 


What should I include in my pet’s den?

To download our FREE den building guide, click here.

And don’t forget to take part in our ‘Great Den Building’ competition by sharing your creations with us on Facebook.

PS – A den is for life.

It’s important that after all of this stress that the den remains intact so your pet always has a safe place to go.

Leaving it intact means that whether someone pops round for a cuppa, or the hoover comes out for the weekly clean, your pet will always have a safe place they can use for the long haul.

Download the guide here