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How to use Itch Flea Home Spray

Blog Home Nov 24, 2020

So, you’ve found fleas on your pet.

Bad news: they’re also likely to be in your home. 

The good news is that the combination of your gold-standard, Itch Flea treatment and Itch Flea Home Spray should get rid of those pesky critters in no time.

Using Itch Flea Home Spray as a one-off will kill adult fleas that are in your home.

It will also prevent any new fleas from hatching for up to 12 months. 

Don’t forget, once you’ve finished annihilating the adult fleas in your home, you need to stay up-to-date up with your monthly Itch Flea treatment to keep your home and your pet flea-free forever. 

Got a flea infestation?

Getting rid of fleas can be really tough.

Sometimes in severe infestations, we need to reach for the big guns, aka Itch Flea Home Spray.  

Why is that? Well, did you know, only 5% of adult fleas live on your pet?

The other 95% of the flea life cycle is in your pet’s environment, i.e. your home.

This includes the eggs, the larvae, the pupae and the newly hatched fleas. 

They could be in your carpets, or your curtains, or your sofa, or your bed – anywhere which is warm, dark and cosy. 

How do household flea sprays work?

Household flea sprays work by killing adult fleas when and where you spray directly – rather than waiting for each flea to come into contact with a product on your pet – so they work much quicker. 

Once you’ve sprayed your house, the flea spray will continue to kill adult fleas for up to 8 weeks, and it also works on dust mites, too. 

Before using Itch Flea Home Spray…

  • Make sure that all doors and windows are closed.
  • There shouldn’t be any small children or pets around when you treat the room. And we’re not just talking dogs and cats – this also applies to birds, reptiles, insects, spiders and aquariums, where possible.
  • Wash all your pet’s bedding on a hot cycle (60 degrees will be enough to kill fleas).
  • Make sure you test Itch Flea Home Spray on a hidden bit of fabric before spraying upholstered furniture.

Ready, steady, spray!

  • Give the can a good shake, remove the lid and hold the container upside down, pointing directly at the surface to be treated, at a distance of about 50cm.
  • Spray directly on carpets, flooring and skirting boards and underneath any rugs or blankets, paying particular attention to any cracks and crevices (those fleas get EVERYWHERE).
  • Avoid wetting furniture and carpeting and don’t over-apply to polished wood surfaces.
  • A five-second burst will treat approximately one square metre.

After using Itch Flea Home Spray…

  • Once you’ve sprayed, leave the room and give it half an hour before ventilating the area by opening the windows and doors for at least an hour.
  • Vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture for 7 consecutive days after spraying. The vibrations from the vacuum will make sure any unhatched pupae will hatch out and be killed by the Itch Flea Home Spray you have used. Always empty the contents of the vacuum outside.

How often should I use Itch Flea Home Spray?

The use of a household flea spray should be reserved for cases of severe flea infestations.

Use Itch Flea Home Spray alongside your first treatment of Itch Flea to annihilate fleas inside the home.

Once you’ve sprayed with a household flea spray, you shouldn’t need to repeat this for up to 12 months.

But just remember to regularly apply your monthly Itch Flea treatment to prevent reinfestations. 

We’re here to help!

We’re a dab hand at fighting fleas if we do say so ourselves. The pet wellness pros in our customer service team are ready to support you with any advice you might need. Drop our team a message or call us on 020 3370 0905 Mon to Fri 8am-4pm.