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Start the new year with healthy new habits

Blog Home Jan 13, 2021

When it comes to creating healthy habits, lots of people find it difficult to get into a new routine.

Because, let’s face it: between work, the kids, dealing with in-laws and trying to maintain some kind of social life, flea treatment is often the last thing on your mind.

But the reality is, if there’s one new healthy habit your pet will truly thank you for this year, monthly flea treatment is it.

1. When it comes to fleas, prevention is always so much better than cure

Once they’ve taken hold of your home, flea infestations are hard work to eliminate.

It’s far easier to cut them off before they’ve had chance to take hold of your home, by regularly de-fleaing your pet each month.

The good news is that Itch makes it super easy to get into a new, monthly de-fleaing habit.

You just need to create a monthly Itch subscription:

  1. Tell us about your pet – their age, weight, breed and lifestyle
  2. We’ll create a tailored subscription – the right dose, at the right time, personalised to your pet
  3. Add Itch Worm to your subscription pack for complete parasite protection against fleas, ticks worms and biting lice
  4. Your first Itch pack will arrive a few days later
  5. Never forget again – every month we’ll send your pet’s tailored treatments direct to your door and gently remind you to apply

Getting into the habit of monthly flea treatments will help you to break the flea life cycle. 

So even if a new flea hops onto your pet, Itch Flea will kill it within 24 hours.

A break between monthly treatments gives new fleas the chance to multiply, and they do that quickly!

Applying your Itch Flea treatment on the day it lands on your doormat ensures continuous treatment from fleas, ticks and biting lice, with no opportunities for fleas to take the upper hand.

2. Itch will help you never forget

Forming a new healthy habit of monthly fleaing is possibly the easiest New Year’s resolution that you’ll ever make… because we do all the hard work for you.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send your pet a personalised pack of our hero product, Itch Flea, every month, exactly when you need it.

The pleasing little plunk on your doormat will be your monthly reminder that it’s time to apply.

No more traipsing out to pick up treatments, or worrying about how much treatment to give them.

We’ll take care of it all – the delivery, the dosage, the reminders.

Other than actually applying the stuff, you don’t have to lift a finger.

What’s more, after a couple of months, the new routine of ‘pack arriving = time to treat’ your pet’s preventative petcare routine will soon become second-nature.

Better than the rest! After trying other treatments and nothing worked, we tried this one and within 48hrs all fleas gone! And they send it every month, so I don’t forget!” – Nikki, on TrustPilot.


3. Download the Itch app

When it comes to forming a new habit, tracking your progress is key.

You can use the free Itch app to log each month’s treatment and to keep track of when your next pack is due to arrive.

Once your pet’s pack has been delivered, we can send you gentle reminders to nudge you into action, until you’ve let us know you’ve applied. So you’ll never forget.

Everything comes so quickly. Easy to use and once you’ve flea’d, just log it on the app and BOOM! Done. Perfect. – Dorothy on TrustPilot.

4. Repetition builds habit

Once you’ve signed up to Itch, you can rely on us to get your pet’s parasite protection to you exactly when you need it.

Sadly, what we can’t do it apply it for you!

We’ll gently remind you to apply, but it’s worth remembering that new habits are built through repetition.

With that in mind, one of the easiest ways to make sure it sticks is to incorporate your pet’s new monthly flea treatment into a routine that you already have.

For instance:

  • Does your dog take a bath once a month? Apply their flea treatment straight afterwards when they’re all clean and dry (just don’t let them get wet again!)
  • Do you cut your cat’s claws once a month? Apply their flea treatment at the same time, and get all of the stuff your cat hates out of the way in one go! Because one angry cat battle is better than two, right?
  • Do you worm your pet once a month? Typically, pets who have raw-food diets or live with small children or the immuno-suppressed are encouraged by vets to worm their pets monthly. So if this is the case for you, just think FLORM (Flea and Worm together!)

5. Itch’s Top 5 tips for building healthy habits

  1. Make a plan. Commit to helping your pet stay flea-free forever by signing up to Itch today. 
  2. Keep track of your progress. Mark off each month that you’ve treated your pet in the Itch app, so that you can easily see your progress.
  3. Be patient. Like anything, results can take time. If you’re battling an established flea problem, you’ll need to give it a few months of treatment combined with washing and hoovering your home to get on top of the little blighters. It can feel like a slog! But our crack team of flea experts are always on hand with a friendly, listening ear and heaps of advice to help you on your journey.
  4. It’s never too late! Even if you’re a seasoned pet owner who’s never treated monthly before, it’s not too late to take steps to make your life (and your pets!) that little bit easier.
  5. Give yourself a pat on the back for making positive changes. Have a brew and a smug biscuit or two. You deserve it.


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