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The Furr-ensic Index: 2020 Report

Blog Home Nov 20, 2020

Itch’s annual pup-date on pet wellness in the UK

When it comes to our pets, they’re part of the family. So we got our lab coats on and delved into the data around our pet’s wellbeing in the UK, to produce the first ever Furr-ensic Index!

This report shines a light on the current state of pet wellness in the UK to help us all get a better grasp on how our kitties and canines are holding up.

The data is fetched from 100,000 pets subscribed to our preventive pet health products, meaning it’s as robust as a St. Bernard.

Below you can find some howl-ights from our report and you can download the full Index here.

Pet Name Index

From the sublime to the humorous (seriously, anyone want to own up to calling their cat Spawn of Satan?!), we certainly have an imaginative streak when it comes to naming our companions. But which names are the most common?

Well, it seems that as a nation, we’re moving away from traditional pet names like Rover or Rex, instead favouring human names. 

With human names in mind, please spare a thought for all 130 dogs out there called Boris, especially the one named Big Bad Boris!

As for the person who called their cat Schrodinger, we admire your cleverness, but are you trying to give the poor thing some sort of existential crisis?

When it comes to cats vs dogs, you might have thought that dogs are man’s best friend, right? Right? Wrong! Our data suggests that purrs may be more common than barks!

Weight Watchers

Can’t seem to shed the puppy fat? We wanted to see how the nation’s dogs and cats weigh up.

Within our report we discovered which breeds have a habit of packing on the pounds. It also seems the size of our pooches is having an impact on what we’re calling them. Out there, somewhere, is a glorious 87kg chap named Beasty Bear and we’d love to meet him. He sounds like a good boy.

There’s also an 85kg dog by the name of Hamlet… which… well, it’s a big role, we guess. Check out the report to see which breeds need to go out for more walkies! 

Paw-renting types

Whether you’re a fan of law and order, or let your pet rule the roost, we give kudos to all the pet parents out there doing their best for their four-legged pal.

Did you know that almost three quarters (66%) of dog and cat owners admitted they would fall into a particular pet ‘paw-renting’ style? 

Which type of paw-rent are you? Take a look at the descriptions and compare yourself to the nation in the report.

Traffic Light: These pet owners have a healthy balance of rules and freedom. Pets might be given the red light when it comes to surfaces or the bed, but these owners enjoy nothing better than giving them the go-ahead to roam freely in the park.

Entranced: These people have the best intentions, but as soon as their pet locks eyes with them and gives their command, they turn to putty in their paws. Even if it’s 4am and their furry friend is sat on their chest demanding breakfast.

Sloth: Dogs and cats who are lucky enough to have a sloth for a paw-rent are the envy of the street’s pet-life – as they are spoiled rotten. Rather than strict training, they encourage their pet to work things out for themselves.

Constable: With a strong focus on law and order, Constables and firm but fair. They are responsible when it comes to grooming, exercising, diet and wellbeing and in the way they allow their pet to greet and interact with visitors.

Hy-Paw-Chondriacs: These are the folk who have rushed their pooch or kittie to the vet on so many occasions, they’re now on first name terms with the staff. Usually, nothing is wrong though, but the journey was worth it ‘just to be sure’. 

Goose: These parents go all out in safeguarding their pet. They often limit their time away from their pet and will happily take days off when their pet is poorly. The ‘Goose’ is never happier than when talking about their pet.

Pinot Noir: Pets with Pinot Noir parents enjoy the finer things in life. Splashing out on this season’s designer rain mac is likely and no expense is spared on Buddy or Bertie, who if boarding an aircraft would most certainly be turning left.

Paws-off Parent: Whether it’s parents, neighbours, friends or even your colleagues – Paws-off Parents have a huge support network who are instrumental in the upbringing of Daisy or Duke. Their pet fits into their lifestyle as opposed to dictating it. 

Sergeant Major: Their four-legged friends have an expert grasp of commands. Control and regimented ways of behaving are important to them, and the Sergeant Major demands respect from their pet.

Baggage Handler: If they have a bag on their arm, their dog or cat is almost certainly in it. They love being close and going on adventures together. A pet’s comfort and security is always at the front of their mind.

Flea Forecast

Fleas are a menace. We know this because we’re in the business of killing them. We’d always recommend getting ahead of the problem – as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

But which places have the highest proportion of itchy pets to be crowned the UK’s itchiest cities?

Animal Ailments

Every dog and cat is different, which is why we always tailor our Itch subscriptions based on their individual needs. But this also means there’s a whole load of animal ailments that can slow the wag in your pooch’s tail and silence your kittie’s purr.

We look at the most common wellness worries amongst the UK’s pet owners to find out what we’re concerned about when it comes to our pet’s health.


We hope you enjoy the results of our Furr-ensic Index. Itch makes it super easy to take care of all of your pet’s health and well-being needs, all in one, monthly pack. With a range of expertly developed products there’s something for every pet – we’ll get those tails a-wagging and those cats a-purring in no time!

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