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The Top 10 Pet Parenting Styles for Cats

Blog Home Sep 11, 2020

We recently conducted a study with over 1,800 Itch Pet customers to find out what the most common pet parenting styles are in the UK.

The results are in, the data’s been analysed, and the results are pretty interesting.

Where the most popular method for pet parenting for dogs is the ‘traffic light’, interestingly, the same can not be said for cat owners.

Of our survey respondents, 22% of cat owners identified with the ‘Sloth’ method: a chilled, laidback approach requiring minimal effort.

So, what did the rest of our cat owners identify themselves as? Check out the full results for cat owners here:

Top 10 Pet Parenting Styles for Cat Owners: 

  1. Sloth – 22%
  2. Traffic Light – 19%
  3. Entranced – 18%
  4. Constable – 12%
  5. Hy-PAW-Chondriac – 10%
  6. Pinot Noir – 8%
  7. Goose – 7%
  8. ‘Paws-Off’ Parent – 3%
  9. Sergeant Major – 1%
  10. Baggage Handler – 1%

Sloth – 22%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: Sloth

Cats who are lucky enough to have a Sloth for a parent are the envy of other pets – as they are spoilt rotten.

Sloths are the ‘champion of chill’ and rather than strict training, a sloth parent will encourage their cat to work things out for themselves.


Traffic Light – 19%

Itch Pet Parenting Style: The Traffic Light

Traffic Light parents have a healthy balance of rules and freedom. Cats might be given the red light when it comes to surfaces or the bed, but these owners enjoy nothing better than giving their puss the go-ahead to chase a laser light down the hallway.

Entranced – 18%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: Entranced

Entranced owners have the best intentions, but they are completely at their cat’s beck and call.

4am wees? No problem.

Second breakfasts? Go right ahead.

Constable – 12%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: Constable

Constable cat owners are firm but fair – with a strong focus on law and order. Obedience and good manners are imperative in their household, and they have a clear set of signals to help their cat understand their wishes.

Hy-PAW-Chondriac – 8%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: Hy-PAW-Chondriac

Hy-PAW-Chondriac owners have rushed their cat to the vet on so many occasions, they’re now on first name terms with the receptionist.

Thankfully, for the most part, it’s never anything serious, but they’ll always view the journey as worth it, ‘just to be sure.’

Pinot Noir – 8%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: The Pinot Noir

These owners enjoy the finer things in life, and their cats are no exception.

Pinot Noir’s will cut back to sustain their cat’s expectations.

They’ll also go above and beyond, whether it’s personalised or even home-made food, bespoke supplements or the latest designer feline accessories.

Goose – 7%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: Goose

The Goose will often limit their time away from their cat, and when it comes to webcams and pet monitors, they either own one already or they feel that they and their cat would benefit from one.


‘Paws-Off’ Parent – 3%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: The ‘Paws-Off’

The ‘Paws-Off‘ parent personifies the old proverb that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ – or in this case, a cat.

Paws-Off parents will typically have a huge support network, who are instrumental in the upbringing of their puss.

It’s fair to say that for these owners, their cat fits into their lifestyle as opposed to dictating it.

Sergeant Major – 1%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: The Sergeant Major

Cats belonging to Sergeant Majors have an expert grasp of commands, and their owners demand only the highest levels of respect.

Control and regimented ways of behaving are commonplace for these owners, and consequences for failure to comply can include loss of privileges or a verbal dressing down.

Baggage Handler – 1%

Itch Pet Parenting Styles: The Baggage Handler

And finally, we have Baggage Handlers. These cats will typically be found in a bag on their owner’s arm, and they will frequently go on adventures together.


Case Study: Jamie the ‘Hy-PAW-Chondriac’

Jamie, aged 56 from Leeds, owns a cat called Ebbony and confesses to being a fully-fledged ‘hy-paw-chondriac’.

“Ebbony was stressed because my daughter and her boyfriend moved in,” Jamie said. “So, I ordered £60 of plug-in diffusers in a bid to calm her down.”

“I also bought a sofa for £299 so she can sleep in my bedroom now. She absolutely loves it.”

When it comes to pet parenting, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

At Itch Pet, we have a dedicated community of over 70,000 pet parents.

Our pet parents are not only keen to ensure their pets get the best flea and worming subscription on the market, but they also like to tell our team all about the trials and tribulations of raising their four-legged friends.

What we’ve heard from our customers, is that just like raising a child, certain decisions have to be made early on when it comes to acceptable behaviour in the home, and how it is taught.

But, it’s important to remember that when it comes to pet parenting, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and everyone has their own unique pet parenting style.

The most important thing is to have a healthy, happy, well-rounded pet – and that can be achieved in lots of different ways.