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What to do if you’ve spotted a flea on your pet

Blog Home May 7, 2020

First things first: here’s what you need to know about fleas

 Contrary to popular belief, there’s no flea treatment in the world that can actively stop fleas from jumping onto your pet.

With any treatment, in order for them to die, fleas need to come into contact with your pet’s fur or skin first.

The key to successful flea treatment is to use a routine, preventative treatment like Itch Flea. 


How the flea life cycle works

 It’s a gross and itch-inducing thought, but there will be many more flea pupae, larvae and eggs in and around your home than adult fleas.

In fact, only 5% of fleas can be found on your pet – which means the other 95% live in your home, tucked away, lurking in all of your dark nooks and crannies.

Flea eggs are especially difficult to get on top of – as soon as they reach the right temperature (which is pretty much all year round thanks to central heating), they can hatch.

Vibrations from a passing animal (or ‘host’) will also stimulate the eggs to hatch, as the emerging pupae need blood to survive.

Once hatched, the new fleas will hop on board your pet, and you might start to spot them here and there in your pet’s fur.

This is where the monthly part of the Itch Flea application becomes so important.

If a newly hatched flea hops on a pet treated with Itch Flea, it will kill them within 24 hours.

Not only will it stop them from growing any further, it will also prevent any eggs they lay from hatching, breaking the cycle at every life stage.


How else can fleas get into my home?

It’s not just your pet who can bring fleas into your home.

You, and any other human who walks into your house (including the kids and visiting guests) can also bring flea eggs with them on their clothing or shoes.

This means that even indoor pets – who might have never ventured outside in their life – can still be at risk from the little blighters!


Tips and Tricks for dealing with fleas

The first thing you need to do if you spot fleas on your pet is to check if you are dealing with a live infestation.

You can easily check this using the ‘cotton wool test’.

Take a damp piece of cotton wool, and run it over your pet’s fur.

If any dirt you pick up turns red, this means that you’re dealing with a live infestation, and those fleas are having a right good old chomp on your pet.


The Flea Cemetery

While you’re waiting for your first pack of Itch Flea treatment to arrive, here’s a great little overnight hack to help you get a head start on killing some critters quickly.

  • Grab a large plate, which is wide with low sides (oven trays or pasta bowls work a treat).
  • Fill it with strong, soapy water
  • Pop the plate/bowl in the area where you have spotted the most flea activity.
  • Put an electric tea light behind it.
  • When you go to bed, turn the tea light on and all the other lights off.

Overnight, the fleas will be attracted to the electric tea light. They’ll leap into the soapy water, and quickly meet their watery doom!

In the morning, you should be greeted with a flea graveyard.

(Don’t be afraid to rub your hands together in glee at this point – no-one’s gunna be mourning the little beasts).

You can empty out all of the water and repeat as necessary, but there’s one important thing to remember:

  • NEVER use a real tea light. Leaving an open flame burning unattended overnight is just asking for trouble. ALWAYS use a battery-operated device, peeps.


Sign up to Itch to keep the little blighters at bay

The next thing you need to do is order your first month’s supply of Itch Flea.

Getting started as soon as you can with your Itch Flea treatment is super important.

The quicker you apply it to your pet, the quicker you’ll be saying sayonara to those pesky little blighters!

Get Started with Itch here. 


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