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Why Regular Fleaing and Worming Is So Important

Blog Home Apr 11, 2022

Did you know 5 fleas on an untreated pet can lead to more than 1 million eggs infesting your home in only 4 weeks? Yikes!

We took the opportunity to sit down with resident Itch vet Zoe Costigan to find out how a regular parasite protection routine can help you keep the microscopic mingers at bay…


Why should you treat your pet monthly?

Keeping on top of your pet’s flea treatment can seem like a chore, but it’s important that you apply our product regularly as a preventative method.

Left untreated, it’s so easy for a flea to jump onto your pet and cause havoc to their health and your home.  

If you’re dealing with an existing flea problem, due to the various stages of the flea life cycle, it will take several months of repeated application to get things under control. 

Where do fleas come from?

Playing in the park or passing in the street…fleas easily hop from one pet to another.

It’s worth noting if you have lots of pets, you should treat them all at the same time. People visiting your house bringing their pets could also be bringing more unwanted guests with them.

Your pet does not have to go out to catch fleas. You could have a hitchhiker flea on your trouser leg that comes in to jump on your pet.  

If you’ve previously had fleas in your house, flea eggs could be lying dormant, just waiting for the conditions to be right for those adults to hatch and jump onto your pet. It’s also worth noting, as well as our family pets, fleas LOVE wildlife. Foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs all visiting your garden can bring fleas with them. 

How does Itch Flea work?

Many flea products only kill adult fleas, but Itch’s dual combination of ingredients also attacks eggs and larvae. This helps to prevent infestations having the chance to develop.

Once applied to your pet, Itch Flea will kill adult fleas within 24 hours, and continue to work for the next month any time another flea jumps onto your pet. It will also prohibit the development of eggs and larvae, to prevent them from maturing into fleas.  

Your Itch treatment is tailored for your pet’s treatment, to last for a month. The two ingredients will sit in the oil glands of the hair follicles, working together when your pet comes into contact with fleas or ticks.  This is why it’s extra important to offer continued protection by applying the product monthly.  

What are the active ingredients in Itch Flea?

There are two active ingredients which make Itch Flea so effective, and these are called Fipronil and S-Methoprene. Fipronil works to kill adult fleas, lice and ticks on contact by interfering with their central nervous system.

Initially, this will lead to a period of hyperactivity, followed by paralysis and death.  This period of hyperactivity may be why it suddenly seems your pet has lots of fleas after applying a product, but it’s actually the product working.  

S-Methoprene works by penetrating the shell of freshly-laid flea eggs, or by penetrating through the larvae’s body surface to inhibit their development so they cannot grow into blood-thirsty adults. 

How will an Itch subscription make my life easier?

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send your pet a personalised pack of our hero product Itch Flea, every month, exactly when you need it.  For complete protection, you should add in Itch Worm as well.

That little plunk of the delivery on the doormat will be your reminder that it’s time to treat your pet.  No more traipsing around, wondering ‘which product do I buy?’ ‘how much product do I apply?’.  Itch will take care of it all for you – the delivery, the dosage and the reminders.  

The only thing you have to do is apply it yourself.   You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch to Itch sooner. 

We’re here to help!

We’re a dab hand at fighting fleas if we do say so ourselves. The pet wellness pros in our customer service team are ready to support you with any advice you might need. Drop our team a message or call us on 020 3370 0905 Mon to Fri 8am-4pm.

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